About me! :)

Hi I'm Marseille :) 21 years old, working in a Real Estate company.

I'm actually new into blogging but I really want to share my personal thoughts on everything that I have tried or experience or whatsoever that I could share.

But if you will notice, most of my post will be about cosmetic/make up products coz like any other girls, I also love make up and I've been starting to collect some good stuffs from local and imported brands.

All of the products that will be reviewed here are from my personal purchases unless indicated that those were given to me or won in a giveaway.

If you will notice something wrong written in my post Pls feel free to correct me in a nice way..

Honestly, I'm not really fluent in english so I prefer to use tagalog words sometimes to give the best descriptions on the topics that I will be posting so pls bear with me.

Happy Reading!!