Huwebes, Mayo 31, 2012

How to make Vegetable Salad :)

I desperately want to lose weight! so sometimes, pag nasa mood what I eat is grass (Vegetable Salad) so here’s the list of ingredients I use in preparing my very own “Tuna Vegetable Salad” :>
I list here 3 different kinds of lettuce coz these are all what I used,coz I want to try other kinds of lettuce but if you dont like assorted,any of this will do..
1. Iceberg Lettuce

2. Looseleaf Lettuce

3. Romaine Lettuce

4. White Onion

5. Tomatoes

I’m not a fan of Mayonnaise so I prefer to use Sandwich Spread instead of Mayo.
6. Best Food Sandwich Spread

If you want your salad to taste like heaven lol you can add other ingredients like pork,chicken..and what I usually add is Tuna coz this is cheaper and convenient (no need to cook)
7. Century Tuna Flakes in Oil

2. Peel the white onion and chop
3. Chop the tomatoes
4. Slice the lettuce and put in a bowl
5. add the chopped onion and tomatoes
7. add other ingredients (Tuna, Chicken, Pork)
8. then lastly, add the Mayonnaise/ Sandwich Spread of your choice.
If you want, you can adjust the seasoning by adding other ingredients like black pepper, salt, etc.
Finish Product :))

Miyerkules, Mayo 30, 2012

It's Hot Pink!

I should have done with this post a month ago but I just can't find a time to do this so now, let me share with you another review on this lippie that I got again from M&Co.

I really love this brand that I got another shade and I still want to try other colors!haha

Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in Rosy Pink

Like what I have said on my first post about this brand, I really love their's really nice! take a look at the photo above, that is how it looks like.. It comes in a box and it also has a tube size cover (sorry! i dunno what to call that). And the lipstick tube/container is in gold color..which make it look classy..

and this is how it looks like when worn! isn't that hot pink??

  • It's a great buy for the price of Php180.00 (approx $4.3) each!
  • I love the packaging!
  • It's a matte lipstick which I love!
  • Long Lasting..the color stays even after you eat or drink..
  • It doesn't glide on smoothly on lips. I dunno if it's b'coz it's a matte lippie, but sometimes I find it hard to apply on lips.
  • It's a bit drying on lips. (apply lip gloss to avoid chapping)
  • You can only find it through accredited dealers.
So far, I am loving this brand..and I want to try other shades!

Have you tried this brand/Lipstick? Feel free to share your thoughts with me thru comments below! :)

Thanks for reading :>


Miyerkules, Mayo 23, 2012


Yes it's my birthday today!! and lets cheers to that!

I am really happy that I am able to express my feelings and thoughts through this blog, thank you all for patiently reading my posts (if there's anybody who read this) as what I have told you on my first post, I'm not a good nor an excellent blogger, I did this blog just to share my thoughts on the things that I have tried and to share my personal experiences, so to those who commented on some of my blog posts thank you :))

Thank you Lord for the gift of life! Thanks to my Mama and Papa who always stays sweet and understanding..I love you both! <3 Thank you to my all friends who greeted me..

I just hope that all my wishes will come true and of course! I'll work hard to get the things that I listed on my Birthday wish list :>

and for those who are also celebrating their birthdays today..Happy Happy Birthday! :)



Martes, Mayo 22, 2012

With SkinWhite, I Can Be the Fairest of Them All :)

“How does SkinWhite give you that beautiful blush white skin that your prince charming can’t resist?"
Well, actually I'm not a meztiza coz I got my morena color from my Papa :( but I believe that it's not about the complexion to achieve a beautiful skin..

So to have that beautiful glowing skin, here are the things that I do:
  • I drink tons (yes! its tons) or water everyday, coz my Mama said that it also helps to beautify our skin especially during this season of Summer that the hot is really humid, we all need to drink lots of water.
  • I put lotion everyday! I'm not into sun block so what I put is lotion also to prevent dryness of my skin.
  •  I take a bath everyday. Yes I know that we all do that hehe but I also do shower before bed time and I use Skin White soap! the good thing is Skin White products has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all the time:

WHITENS the skin’s surface
REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays

Click on the link below to know more about Synchrowhite Action from Kim Chiu:
Watch the BEST KILIG BFF Story on how SkinWhite works!
Know more about the SkinWhite products through clicking this link:

So there! you too! should try Skin White Products to get that beautiful white skin we've all been wanting! :)) 


Lunes, Mayo 21, 2012

Watsons Haul :)

I'm not really into shopping, when I'm going to the mall I usually get the things that I really need but yeah I know that being a lady/girl is really here I just want to share the stuffs that I got at Watsons when we (with my Mama) went to SM last week..

(sorry! :( for the quality of these pictures..I really hate my phone's camera! arrgh..)

Skin care products that I use:
Nivea Sparkling White Facial Foam, Nivea Lotion, Nivea Creme Soap, Dove shampoo, Dove Milk soap.

And of course! When you're at Watsons you can't resist to try some cosmetic products..So here I am again, I got some in addition to my growing make up stash! :))

Shawill Cream Eyeshadow Palette Php 149.00

Actually, I dont have any plans in buying any make up coz I'm saving up for my upcoming birthday celebration but when I'm done getting the personal stuffs that I need, I saw this brand called Shawill, I'm not really familiar with this brand but looking into their products, I think this one is also worth a try, then when I ask the sales attendant about the price, oh yeah! It's freakin cheap!! Some of their products are cheaper than Ever Bilena and Nichido and that makes me more curious about this brand, and like what I've told you in my Birthday Wishlist Post, I dont own any eyeshadow palette coz I'm not really into eye make up that's why I decided to get this cream eyeshadow palette. And it only cost me Php149.00!! yeah it's really cheap!

What I dont Like:

It's super glittery! I'm  not a fan of glitters! though it's a cream eyeshadow, it's not as pigmented as what I expected, as a matter of fact, in just about an hour and half, it began to stay on the crease of my eyes and the glitters are all over my face..wth!

Yeah, it's cheap but I dont like it, maybe I'll just give it to my little sister..Now I'm looking forward in getting the eyeshadow palette that I really want from Sleek! :>

Marionnaud N35 Eye Brush, Php 69.00

I also bought my self an eye brush and 3 pcs Eye Curler Refill (not included in the photo) from Marionnaud.

So there! Have you tried these products? Feel free to share your thoughts with me thru comment below!

Thank you for reading! :))


Huwebes, Mayo 17, 2012

My weekly nail colors :)

Recently, I've been loving wearing different nail colors every week. Before, I prefer going to a salon to have my nails done than doing it myself coz I dont want to end up hurting my own but I've realized that it's pretty much cheaper if I do it myself and I will also be able to collect my own nail polish stash :)

So here's the colors that I've had for the past three weeks..

This is the first one that I got from San San. I bought this at HBC for only Php37.00. Very affordable.. this one is a blue/dark blue nail color that fits my dark hands pretty well :) It actually makes my hand look whiter/fairer..

the week after, I got this grayish/super light blue nail polish which I also bought at HBC for only Php37.00. the color's name is Cloudy gray..this one is not my favorite though but the color is cute it's just not pretty looking on my very dark feet! :(

and this is what my nails look like last week :) I also got this at HBC but cheaper, this cost me Php16.00 only! oh yeah this is really cheap! it's a Neon Pink color but it looks orange in pictures..I really like the color though my Aunt told me that it's not bagay :( huhu but I did wore it for a week! hehe

I got all of this at HBC and they also have Bobbi Brown nail polish but since I first tried San San I prefer to buy other colors in that same brand.

This one is a great buy for me! It easily dries up, and does not chip easily..but yeah it also depends on how many coat you'll apply.

I recommend this for those (Like me) who are starter in collecting nail polishes :))

You can find this in all HBC branches nationwide..

What's your favorite nail polish color?and what brand? feel free to share it! through comments below :))


Miyerkules, Mayo 16, 2012

Join Maite's first giveaway! :)

Hey! I just found out that the gorgeous Ms. Maite is now having her first giveaway. and the prize?? well, it's Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette! and I want this! luckily if I'm going to win I'll be the happiest birthday girl ever..So guys let's try our luck, join this giveaway now!

Read my post about this awesome giveaway! :>

Giveaway - My First Giveaway: Naked 2!

The Naked palette 2 came out late last year and, apparently, could not stay on the shelf for more than two hours every time they put it on display. If you're one of those who lucked out and walked into the store only to find they were sold out, or simply don't want to dole out the ridiculous amount on the price tag (it retails for around SGD80 or USD50), I have good news: You can get one FREE!

Win the Naked Palette 2 by Urban Decay!

Yes, that's right! I am giving away Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette! This is my first giveaway since starting this blog late last year. This is my way of ending the summer (and welcoming the new school year) with a bang.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll be getting.

Comes with a mini-tube of Lip Junkie lipgloss.

Naked 2 boasts 12 neutral colors (5 of them new!) in matte, shimmer and glitter textures.

The palette comes with a dual-ended Good Karma crease and eyeshadow brush.

*The pictures above are of my own Naked2 palette. The one the winner will be receiving is sealed.

1. There will only be one winner.
2.Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect.
3. Write about this giveaway on your own blog and leave a link to this post.
4. Leave a comment on this post with your name, blog URL and contact information (i.e. e-mail address). Also, add a short reason for why you should get the Naked2 Palette.

This contest is open worldwide. I will contact the winner through the information in the comments.

Good luck!

I hope this is my lucky chance to win a giveaway contest coz it's my birthday month :) Try your luck and join this giveaway too!


Huwebes, Mayo 10, 2012

My Birthday Wish List :)

Ang bilis ng panahon!!!hohoho.. I didn't even notice that it's May again, and two weeks from now will be my 21st Birhday..yes! I'm only 21 and I know that it's not obvious coz I really look older than my age, right? Aye..I know that in fact my boss told me that maybe I'm really an old soul..haha MAYBE??
By the way, In this post I just want to share the stuff/things that I really wanted to have..and since my birthday's coming in two weeks time, It's the perfect timing for me to have my "Birthday Wish List"  :>
Actually, there are many things that I badly want to have but I know that my budget is too tight for me to get all the stuffs that I have in mind so I will just list here the things that I can afford to buy with my resources..

1. Eco Tools 4 pc. Brush Set

Honestly, I'm also a newbie in collecting make up stuffs and the only brush that I have is my Marrionnaud N32 Angled Brush that I bought at Watsons. So far, I am loving that brush but I also wanted to try other brands and I read that Eco Tools are offering Make up brushes with good quality and they are using natural materials for their products. I wanted to give this a try since I also want to explore different kinds of brands local or international. I hope to get this next month! since I am currently saving for my Birthday gift-to-myself I cant afford to get this right now, but I will surely get this as soon as I get my other more important things to have.

2. Sleek Eye Shadow Palette in Oh So Special

I want this to be my first ever eyeshadow palette! Heard and read good reviews about this product and I also want to see for myself if this really makes magic. Anyway, I dont have any eyeshadow in my make up stash as of now coz I'm not really into eye make up, what I usually wear everyday is a lipstick and my mascara, but having this will definitely make me over addicted in popping colors eyeshadows! <:

3. Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot DCS-T110

Now I really have to buy myself a Digital Camera coz my phone's camera sucks and I can't use it in night time/ when there is no good lighting. But I'm still in the middle of searching for a good but affordable compact digi cam and so far this is what I like.

So these are the stuffs that I wanted to have on or after my birthday :D
And I'm so excited!

What's your Birthday wishlist? Feel free to share it with me! thru comments below.. :>

Thank you for reading!


Martes, Mayo 8, 2012

JOIN NOW! - Up For Make-up Beauty Bag Giveaway!!!

While I was searching for bloggers to follow, I ended up scrolling into her blog posts, and knew that she's also having her giveaway contest..of course! I wanted to join..haha though I know to myself that I'm not maswerte/lucky in giveaway contests like this but there's no harm in trying, right??! so let's give this a try and besides if you will see the awesome goodies in this contest you'll definitely dont want to miss this chance :>

Up For Make-up Beauty Bag Giveaway!!!

The long wait is over. The most beautiful bag is here!!

About a month ago I posted about the giveaway I was planning to have, and since then I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect items. I had so much fun shopping and testing out different products for this giveaway. I am pretty happy with how the Beauty Bag turned out- from the bag itself to the actual products inside. So without further ado, I hereby declare the Up For Make-up Beauty Bag Giveaway, OPEN!!!

Pink Beauty Bag

ELF Cosmetics Everyday Eye Palette

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Blush’n Bloom Mineral Powder Blush in Bunny

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics All Purpose Powder in Halo (perfect for inner corner and brow bone)

L.A Colors Lip Smacking Lip Gloss set in Cherry Bliss

L.A Colors Nail Dazzling Polish Set in Beach Party

Bath and Body Works PocketBac in Sea Island Cotton and Cucumber Melon

SNOE White Extra Strength Glutathione Beauty Bar

Bodycology Body Cream in Cucumber Melon

Who is the Fairest One of All Hand Mirror

Purple Beauty Bag

ELF Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Blush’n Bloom Mineral Powder Blush in Fetish

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics All Purpose Powder in Adore (perfect for inner corner and brow bone)

NYX Round Lipstick in Peach Bellini

L.A Colors Lip Smacking Lip Gloss set in Sweet Maple

L.A Colors Nail Dazzling Polish Set in Beach Party

Bath and Body Works PocketBac in Fresh Lime Basil and Cucumber Melon

SNOE White Extra Strength Glutathione Beauty Bar

Bodycology Body Cream in Warm Vanilla Sugar

Who is the Fairest One of All Hand Mirror

Aren’t the bags adorable? I freaked when I saw them. They are perfect to be called Beauty Bags.

Contest Proper:

There will be 2 lucky winners on this Giveaway. Winners will be randomly picked through

1st Winner will have the privilege to choose which bag she wants.

This giveaway is open to PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS only.

Here’s What You Have to Do.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1. Show some love by following me on:

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->d. <!--[endif]-->Link to your Facebook announcement about my giveaway:

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->g. <!--[endif]-->Answer to my question

This giveaway will run until the 26th of May 2012. I’ll be posting the 2 lucky winners soon after.

I will be contacting the winners through e-mail, make sure that you include your CORRECT e-mail address. Winners will be given 3days to respond to my e-mail. New winners will be chosen in case original winners fail to respond within 3days.


If I win this giveaway, this will be my first time winning something ever in my life!!! so pls..May the odds be ever in my favor.. :))


Join Now! :)

It's Miners Love

Since I've been using these two babies for a month now, I want to give a review on my 2nd purchase online which I got again from Ms. Sarah of MAKEUPHUB by NC.

Because I'm  loving the first one that I bought I decided to get other shade and try other stuff.

What I got are :

1. Miners Matte Lip Paint in Peach
2. Miners Matte Effect Lipstick in Fiesta

Here are the swatches:
                                                                          Left to Right: Fiesta, peach

Obviously, Fiesta has a light Pink shade which is not bagay for those who have warm skin tone like me.. But if you want to achieve the Nikki Minaj look, this will help you to get that look perfectly!
Miners Matte Effect in Fiesta

  • This kind of shade will suit best those who are Mestiza.
  • It smells good! ;>
  • Not bagay to those who are Morena like me..(morena talaga?lol)
  • makes dryness of your lips more visible because of its light pink shade
  • it doesn't last long unlike other matte lipstick.
Miners Matte Factor Lip Paint in Peach

  • I think this is in the shade of coral with a pink undertone.
  • It is really a Matte! (Just like the first one that I got)
  • Staying power is great, it will last even after you eat or drink.
  • smells good too.
  • It's a U.K brand but you can get it for only Php300.00.
I dont have any complaint about this lip cream coz I'm loving it! and I'm planning to get the other shades @.@ specifically, the Hot Pink :)

Get yours now! :))

Lunes, Mayo 7, 2012

The Rebel Sweetheart.: Join | Sleek MakeUp Mother's Day Giveaway!

The Rebel Sweetheart.: Join | Sleek MakeUp Mother's Day Giveaway!: Everyone loves their mom and always wants to find the best gift to make her feel loved and appreciated. These are the gifts I have found - a...

What I bought when I first shop online :>

I am trying to give life to this little blog of mine and I also have many thoughts in my mind that I wanted to share most especially about my experience when I finally bought something online..

I'm not that kind of person whose very TAMANG HINALA or sigurista but I just want to transact with those trust worthy people and I dont want to waste my time dealing with the wrong ones that's why I really dont shop online..and secondly, I want to see for myself the quality of the product that I am going to purchase coz I dont wanna end up complaining about it..

But then, when I saw this Online shop who sells authentic cosmetic products from UK, it really caught my eyes.. It was introduced to me by a friend who is also a make up at first I was really hesitant to buy coz I dont know what to buy! this shop has a lot of beautiful products to choose from that's why it's hard to decide..
But at the end of the day, I can't resist not to try at least one so I decided to purchase one from their first opening day of Miners Cosmetics. I was shocked and amaze when I knew that many girls or a lot of make up junkies NATIONWIDE! are waiting for Opening Sale! lol so I ended up choosing from the TIRA TIRA (stocks left) and I chose this lipstick from Miners..


It's Miners Matte Factor in WARM RED.

Actually this is my first red lipstick ever! coz at first what I really want to purchase is the one in Pink shade but I was malas so I ended up with this.
 Then after two days I received the package, I was like crazy and I can't wait to try it out as in super

It has a creamy texture that make it glide on your lips easily. It's actually a dark shade of red (For me, I'm not sure coz sometimes I'm color blind @.@ ) than the one I have from M&Co. but it's really a good buy! you just have to wait for a minute for it to dry then you're ready to go! Though it's a Matte Lip cream it will not leave you with a dry lips, coz it's very pigmented..

It's a must try for those who want to try Matte Lip creams.

I got this for only Php300.00 at my favorite online store MAKEUPHUB by NC Ms. Sarah the owner of this shop is also a Make up Junkie herself and very friendly & accomodating. She also sells other brands of Make up like SEPHORA, URBAN DECAY, MODELS OWN and Many more!

Go! Try it now :))

My first haul from M&Co.

Hi! I want to share my first ever haul from M&Co. Actually I got these products last month pa so now, I decided to do a review on each of these stuff coz it's been a month since I started to use them.

What I got are:
1. Long Lasting Matte Lipstick w/ Moisturizer in the shade of Love
2. Soft and Mild cheek color in Classic Glow
3. Beauiful Color Pencil Eyeliner in Brown

This is how it looks like when you open it. The lipstick and the blush on comes with a box and I really love the packaging coz it doesn't look cheap!. The lipstick also has a linen cover (I dont really know how to call it but its a piece of tela in brown, like the one we are seeing in a purse concentre from Avon but this is tela not leather..)
this is how the lipstick looks like..
It's a red lipctick! I was really impressed by the packaging coz it really looks expensive..haha.I love it coz it's matte lipstick but unlike other matte, this will not make your lips dry coz it has a moisturizer and the staying power is really great! It usually stays on me for the whole day, you just have to re-touch it especially after eating if you want to have a full coverage on your lips.. Yeah its true! promise.
 Here's a swatch
It's my smiling face wearing this super love lippy :>
And this is my current favorite, it also has another 3 shades.
Can you guess how much this cost me??? ;p
I got the lipstick for only Php180.00 and also the bluch on cost me Php180.00, the pencil eyeliner is Php70.00. Awesome right??

The only thing is you can only get these products through their dealers or if you want to get it your self you may also register as one of their franchise dealers, I think they have branches nationwide.

I recommend this for those who love Red and Matte lipsticks like me :)
This one's a great product to try!

Thanks for reading :)


Huwebes, Mayo 3, 2012

I'm a newbie!

I'm really new in blogging so pls bear with me and pls dont expect me to speak english fluently coz I'm not that good in it, honestly. By the way, I'm Marseille Frances and I'm 21 years old..I actually have a blog on other blogging sites but I decided to do another blog here coz.. I dunno..haha honestly I dont know why..but expect me to make this a Vanity blog coz I also want to share my thoughts on the products (All kind of stuffs) that I've tried and will make this my personal diary as well :>

Thanks for reading! (If there's somebody who can patiently read this :D )
I will try my best to update this blog every now and then.

Thank you :)