Huwebes, Mayo 31, 2012

How to make Vegetable Salad :)

I desperately want to lose weight! so sometimes, pag nasa mood what I eat is grass (Vegetable Salad) so here’s the list of ingredients I use in preparing my very own “Tuna Vegetable Salad” :>
I list here 3 different kinds of lettuce coz these are all what I used,coz I want to try other kinds of lettuce but if you dont like assorted,any of this will do..
1. Iceberg Lettuce

2. Looseleaf Lettuce

3. Romaine Lettuce

4. White Onion

5. Tomatoes

I’m not a fan of Mayonnaise so I prefer to use Sandwich Spread instead of Mayo.
6. Best Food Sandwich Spread

If you want your salad to taste like heaven lol you can add other ingredients like pork,chicken..and what I usually add is Tuna coz this is cheaper and convenient (no need to cook)
7. Century Tuna Flakes in Oil

2. Peel the white onion and chop
3. Chop the tomatoes
4. Slice the lettuce and put in a bowl
5. add the chopped onion and tomatoes
7. add other ingredients (Tuna, Chicken, Pork)
8. then lastly, add the Mayonnaise/ Sandwich Spread of your choice.
If you want, you can adjust the seasoning by adding other ingredients like black pepper, salt, etc.
Finish Product :))

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