Lunes, Mayo 7, 2012

What I bought when I first shop online :>

I am trying to give life to this little blog of mine and I also have many thoughts in my mind that I wanted to share most especially about my experience when I finally bought something online..

I'm not that kind of person whose very TAMANG HINALA or sigurista but I just want to transact with those trust worthy people and I dont want to waste my time dealing with the wrong ones that's why I really dont shop online..and secondly, I want to see for myself the quality of the product that I am going to purchase coz I dont wanna end up complaining about it..

But then, when I saw this Online shop who sells authentic cosmetic products from UK, it really caught my eyes.. It was introduced to me by a friend who is also a make up at first I was really hesitant to buy coz I dont know what to buy! this shop has a lot of beautiful products to choose from that's why it's hard to decide..
But at the end of the day, I can't resist not to try at least one so I decided to purchase one from their first opening day of Miners Cosmetics. I was shocked and amaze when I knew that many girls or a lot of make up junkies NATIONWIDE! are waiting for Opening Sale! lol so I ended up choosing from the TIRA TIRA (stocks left) and I chose this lipstick from Miners..


It's Miners Matte Factor in WARM RED.

Actually this is my first red lipstick ever! coz at first what I really want to purchase is the one in Pink shade but I was malas so I ended up with this.
 Then after two days I received the package, I was like crazy and I can't wait to try it out as in super

It has a creamy texture that make it glide on your lips easily. It's actually a dark shade of red (For me, I'm not sure coz sometimes I'm color blind @.@ ) than the one I have from M&Co. but it's really a good buy! you just have to wait for a minute for it to dry then you're ready to go! Though it's a Matte Lip cream it will not leave you with a dry lips, coz it's very pigmented..

It's a must try for those who want to try Matte Lip creams.

I got this for only Php300.00 at my favorite online store MAKEUPHUB by NC Ms. Sarah the owner of this shop is also a Make up Junkie herself and very friendly & accomodating. She also sells other brands of Make up like SEPHORA, URBAN DECAY, MODELS OWN and Many more!

Go! Try it now :))

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