Miyerkules, Mayo 30, 2012

It's Hot Pink!

I should have done with this post a month ago but I just can't find a time to do this so now, let me share with you another review on this lippie that I got again from M&Co.

I really love this brand that I got another shade and I still want to try other colors!haha

Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in Rosy Pink

Like what I have said on my first post about this brand, I really love their packaging..it's really nice! take a look at the photo above, that is how it looks like.. It comes in a box and it also has a tube size cover (sorry! i dunno what to call that). And the lipstick tube/container is in gold color..which make it look classy..

and this is how it looks like when worn! isn't that hot pink??

  • It's a great buy for the price of Php180.00 (approx $4.3) each!
  • I love the packaging!
  • It's a matte lipstick which I love!
  • Long Lasting..the color stays even after you eat or drink..
  • It doesn't glide on smoothly on lips. I dunno if it's b'coz it's a matte lippie, but sometimes I find it hard to apply on lips.
  • It's a bit drying on lips. (apply lip gloss to avoid chapping)
  • You can only find it through accredited dealers.
So far, I am loving this brand..and I want to try other shades!

Have you tried this brand/Lipstick? Feel free to share your thoughts with me thru comments below! :)

Thanks for reading :>


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