Martes, Mayo 8, 2012

It's Miners Love

Since I've been using these two babies for a month now, I want to give a review on my 2nd purchase online which I got again from Ms. Sarah of MAKEUPHUB by NC.

Because I'm  loving the first one that I bought I decided to get other shade and try other stuff.

What I got are :

1. Miners Matte Lip Paint in Peach
2. Miners Matte Effect Lipstick in Fiesta

Here are the swatches:
                                                                          Left to Right: Fiesta, peach

Obviously, Fiesta has a light Pink shade which is not bagay for those who have warm skin tone like me.. But if you want to achieve the Nikki Minaj look, this will help you to get that look perfectly!
Miners Matte Effect in Fiesta

  • This kind of shade will suit best those who are Mestiza.
  • It smells good! ;>
  • Not bagay to those who are Morena like me..(morena talaga?lol)
  • makes dryness of your lips more visible because of its light pink shade
  • it doesn't last long unlike other matte lipstick.
Miners Matte Factor Lip Paint in Peach

  • I think this is in the shade of coral with a pink undertone.
  • It is really a Matte! (Just like the first one that I got)
  • Staying power is great, it will last even after you eat or drink.
  • smells good too.
  • It's a U.K brand but you can get it for only Php300.00.
I dont have any complaint about this lip cream coz I'm loving it! and I'm planning to get the other shades @.@ specifically, the Hot Pink :)

Get yours now! :))

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  1. I love those colors :)
    and also you are soo cute!!

  2. love the lip paint in peach! :)

    wanna follow each other?

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you Gerilen :)) btw, already followed your blog :>