Huwebes, Mayo 17, 2012

My weekly nail colors :)

Recently, I've been loving wearing different nail colors every week. Before, I prefer going to a salon to have my nails done than doing it myself coz I dont want to end up hurting my own but I've realized that it's pretty much cheaper if I do it myself and I will also be able to collect my own nail polish stash :)

So here's the colors that I've had for the past three weeks..

This is the first one that I got from San San. I bought this at HBC for only Php37.00. Very affordable.. this one is a blue/dark blue nail color that fits my dark hands pretty well :) It actually makes my hand look whiter/fairer..

the week after, I got this grayish/super light blue nail polish which I also bought at HBC for only Php37.00. the color's name is Cloudy gray..this one is not my favorite though but the color is cute it's just not pretty looking on my very dark feet! :(

and this is what my nails look like last week :) I also got this at HBC but cheaper, this cost me Php16.00 only! oh yeah this is really cheap! it's a Neon Pink color but it looks orange in pictures..I really like the color though my Aunt told me that it's not bagay :( huhu but I did wore it for a week! hehe

I got all of this at HBC and they also have Bobbi Brown nail polish but since I first tried San San I prefer to buy other colors in that same brand.

This one is a great buy for me! It easily dries up, and does not chip easily..but yeah it also depends on how many coat you'll apply.

I recommend this for those (Like me) who are starter in collecting nail polishes :))

You can find this in all HBC branches nationwide..

What's your favorite nail polish color?and what brand? feel free to share it! through comments below :))


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  1. I'm not really into nail polish but nicely done!!
    btw, please join my giveaway if you haven't yet :)) Thanks!!

    Mga Tugon
    1. thank you for reading my blog :) I will definitely join your giveaway.. btw, advance happy birthday :))