Huwebes, Mayo 10, 2012

My Birthday Wish List :)

Ang bilis ng panahon!!!hohoho.. I didn't even notice that it's May again, and two weeks from now will be my 21st Birhday..yes! I'm only 21 and I know that it's not obvious coz I really look older than my age, right? Aye..I know that in fact my boss told me that maybe I'm really an old soul..haha MAYBE??
By the way, In this post I just want to share the stuff/things that I really wanted to have..and since my birthday's coming in two weeks time, It's the perfect timing for me to have my "Birthday Wish List"  :>
Actually, there are many things that I badly want to have but I know that my budget is too tight for me to get all the stuffs that I have in mind so I will just list here the things that I can afford to buy with my resources..

1. Eco Tools 4 pc. Brush Set

Honestly, I'm also a newbie in collecting make up stuffs and the only brush that I have is my Marrionnaud N32 Angled Brush that I bought at Watsons. So far, I am loving that brush but I also wanted to try other brands and I read that Eco Tools are offering Make up brushes with good quality and they are using natural materials for their products. I wanted to give this a try since I also want to explore different kinds of brands local or international. I hope to get this next month! since I am currently saving for my Birthday gift-to-myself I cant afford to get this right now, but I will surely get this as soon as I get my other more important things to have.

2. Sleek Eye Shadow Palette in Oh So Special

I want this to be my first ever eyeshadow palette! Heard and read good reviews about this product and I also want to see for myself if this really makes magic. Anyway, I dont have any eyeshadow in my make up stash as of now coz I'm not really into eye make up, what I usually wear everyday is a lipstick and my mascara, but having this will definitely make me over addicted in popping colors eyeshadows! <:

3. Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot DCS-T110

Now I really have to buy myself a Digital Camera coz my phone's camera sucks and I can't use it in night time/ when there is no good lighting. But I'm still in the middle of searching for a good but affordable compact digi cam and so far this is what I like.

So these are the stuffs that I wanted to have on or after my birthday :D
And I'm so excited!

What's your Birthday wishlist? Feel free to share it with me! thru comments below.. :>

Thank you for reading!


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  1. advance happy birthday!!! ^_^

  2. I love sleek palette :)
    amazing post!!

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you :)

      Pls feel free to follow my blog, I already followed you :))

  3. Advanced Happy Birthday! I have the Sleek palette in Au Naturel. It's one of my favorites. Hope you get the things on your wishlist!

    Mga Tugon
    1. Hi Ms. Maite :) Thank you..
      I followed your blog and joined your giveaway contest as well..
      Thank you for reading my blog :))