Lunes, Mayo 21, 2012

Watsons Haul :)

I'm not really into shopping, when I'm going to the mall I usually get the things that I really need but yeah I know that being a lady/girl is really here I just want to share the stuffs that I got at Watsons when we (with my Mama) went to SM last week..

(sorry! :( for the quality of these pictures..I really hate my phone's camera! arrgh..)

Skin care products that I use:
Nivea Sparkling White Facial Foam, Nivea Lotion, Nivea Creme Soap, Dove shampoo, Dove Milk soap.

And of course! When you're at Watsons you can't resist to try some cosmetic products..So here I am again, I got some in addition to my growing make up stash! :))

Shawill Cream Eyeshadow Palette Php 149.00

Actually, I dont have any plans in buying any make up coz I'm saving up for my upcoming birthday celebration but when I'm done getting the personal stuffs that I need, I saw this brand called Shawill, I'm not really familiar with this brand but looking into their products, I think this one is also worth a try, then when I ask the sales attendant about the price, oh yeah! It's freakin cheap!! Some of their products are cheaper than Ever Bilena and Nichido and that makes me more curious about this brand, and like what I've told you in my Birthday Wishlist Post, I dont own any eyeshadow palette coz I'm not really into eye make up that's why I decided to get this cream eyeshadow palette. And it only cost me Php149.00!! yeah it's really cheap!

What I dont Like:

It's super glittery! I'm  not a fan of glitters! though it's a cream eyeshadow, it's not as pigmented as what I expected, as a matter of fact, in just about an hour and half, it began to stay on the crease of my eyes and the glitters are all over my face..wth!

Yeah, it's cheap but I dont like it, maybe I'll just give it to my little sister..Now I'm looking forward in getting the eyeshadow palette that I really want from Sleek! :>

Marionnaud N35 Eye Brush, Php 69.00

I also bought my self an eye brush and 3 pcs Eye Curler Refill (not included in the photo) from Marionnaud.

So there! Have you tried these products? Feel free to share your thoughts with me thru comment below!

Thank you for reading! :))


4 (na) komento:

  1. i love nivea products! very good haul and i find your blog very lovely and cute :)


  2. Hi Marseille! Shawill products are good. I'm starting to like them. You should try their Liquid Eyeliner, it's a great buy promise, indeed waterproof. I'm also a fan of Marionnaud :)

    Btw, I would want to follow your blog but I can't find your GFC Gadget?

    Mga Tugon
    1. Hi Genzel :) Maybe I got one of their not-so-good product! hehe, Thanks for your suggestion, i will definitely try their liquid eyeliner and other stuff like lipstick..

      btw, I followed your blog :)) and I just add my GFC gadget..thank you for reading my post Gen-zel :>