Miyerkules, Mayo 23, 2012


Yes it's my birthday today!! and lets cheers to that!

I am really happy that I am able to express my feelings and thoughts through this blog, thank you all for patiently reading my posts (if there's anybody who read this) as what I have told you on my first post, I'm not a good nor an excellent blogger, I did this blog just to share my thoughts on the things that I have tried and to share my personal experiences, so to those who commented on some of my blog posts thank you :))

Thank you Lord for the gift of life! Thanks to my Mama and Papa who always stays sweet and understanding..I love you both! <3 Thank you to my all friends who greeted me..

I just hope that all my wishes will come true and of course! I'll work hard to get the things that I listed on my Birthday wish list :>

and for those who are also celebrating their birthdays today..Happy Happy Birthday! :)



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  1. Belated Happy birthday! :)

    Check my blog!
    We have an ongoing giveaway. Please join. :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you :) I will definitely join!
      Thanks for visiting my blog.. :)