Lunes, Mayo 7, 2012

My first haul from M&Co.

Hi! I want to share my first ever haul from M&Co. Actually I got these products last month pa so now, I decided to do a review on each of these stuff coz it's been a month since I started to use them.

What I got are:
1. Long Lasting Matte Lipstick w/ Moisturizer in the shade of Love
2. Soft and Mild cheek color in Classic Glow
3. Beauiful Color Pencil Eyeliner in Brown

This is how it looks like when you open it. The lipstick and the blush on comes with a box and I really love the packaging coz it doesn't look cheap!. The lipstick also has a linen cover (I dont really know how to call it but its a piece of tela in brown, like the one we are seeing in a purse concentre from Avon but this is tela not leather..)
this is how the lipstick looks like..
It's a red lipctick! I was really impressed by the packaging coz it really looks expensive..haha.I love it coz it's matte lipstick but unlike other matte, this will not make your lips dry coz it has a moisturizer and the staying power is really great! It usually stays on me for the whole day, you just have to re-touch it especially after eating if you want to have a full coverage on your lips.. Yeah its true! promise.
 Here's a swatch
It's my smiling face wearing this super love lippy :>
And this is my current favorite, it also has another 3 shades.
Can you guess how much this cost me??? ;p
I got the lipstick for only Php180.00 and also the bluch on cost me Php180.00, the pencil eyeliner is Php70.00. Awesome right??

The only thing is you can only get these products through their dealers or if you want to get it your self you may also register as one of their franchise dealers, I think they have branches nationwide.

I recommend this for those who love Red and Matte lipsticks like me :)
This one's a great product to try!

Thanks for reading :)


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