Miyerkules, Hulyo 17, 2013

I'M BACK!!!!

First of all, thank you to my 9 readers for following this very little blog of mine, this sounds funny I know but I just didn't expect that anybody will make "tyaga" to read my posts here.. THANK YOU GUYS! :))

Second, it's been a year since the last time I updated this blog and the main reason was that the laptop I was using back then broke so I had no longer access to internet/blogging sites, I felt like I can't write any blog post when I'm on Internet Cafe's as it feels like somebody's reading what I type whenever I tried to blog lol.. And I've been busy with work for the past year that I'm MIA so I really had no chance to blog anything.. 

But here I am, and I'll try to pull back the times that I abandoned this love blog of mine, and I hope that you can still find time to read my little posts about the little things that I have in my little mind.. lol :)) 

Expect a lot of reviews on the products that I've tried for the past year, because even if I've been MIA in the blogosphere, I never stopped buying make up and other kikay stuffs coz I can't resist! hehe I will work on those reviews soon! 

As for now, I just want to share (if ever somebody's reading this now) that I am now happily engaged! <3 to my boyfriend of three years.. It's going to be a long engagement as we both decided to set our wedding next year and the date will be 12.13.14. I know some may find me too young for this (I'm only 22) but I'm a believer of the saying "there's no young or old in love" right??! 

That's all for now folks! :)) Are you having a great time in your life now like me? Feel free to share it thru comment below.. Thanks for reading! :)

Lunes, Hulyo 30, 2012

REVIEW: Blistex Lip Balm

Read good reviews about this Lip balm so I decided to purchase one for myself to try.. (that's me! inggiterang palaka!lol)

Medicated Berry Lip Balm

Blistex Medicated Berry Lip Balm helps prevent dryness and chapping. Its easy glide formula also soothes irritated lips.Dry, Chapped Lips: Blistex Lip Balm has three long-lasting protectants, and it seals in lip moisture to prevent drying of lip tissue. It glides on comfortably to provide complete coverage and avoid further irritation of chapped lips.

Sun Protection: Blistex Lip Balm provides SPF 15 protection. Remember, LIPS DON'T TAN, BUT THEY DO BURN®

This is how it looks like when applied on lips :)

I really want to give this a try since the first time that I read good review about it and I'm really searching for a good Lip Balm that will enhance my natural lip color and will moisturize my lips since I an avid fan of Matte lipsticks which makes my lips dry sometimes.

  • Very Affordable.. Got it for only Php79.00 (Approx $1.9)
  • Very Moisturizing.. It really makes my lips soft!
  • Whenever my Lips are dry, I just glide it on and tada! my lips are soft and smooth..
  • It has a SPF 15 which is important coz our lips has a thin skin that can be burn when too much expose in the sun.. (though it's already rainy season here in the Phil. it's still an advantage! :D )
  • It has a berry-minty scent which I really love!
  • Available locally :)) at Watsons!

I have nothing against this product..that's how much I love it!! hehe

So there!! Have you guys tried this one? what do you think about this product?Feel free to share it with me thru comment below ^.^

Thanks for reading!!


Miyerkules, Hulyo 25, 2012

"Coming Home to Mandaue Foam"

Mandaue Foam - is a furniture store here in the Philippines which aims to provide very affordable and high quality foams and furniture products to the Filipino people.

Honestly, we have never been purchase from them but seeing how good and affordable their products are, I will definitely ask my Mama to see if we can afford some, since we are having our house renovated.

So here are some of their products which (I think) will suit our simple yet happy lifestyle and of course we can afford to buy.

1. 8+1 Daucus Classical Dining Set with Scroll Back Designs

Chose this over the other dining sets because we are a family of seven and this is a 8 seater dining set, which will give us another extra seat if ever we have a guest, and I prefer wood furnitures because mostly of our existing furnitures at home are all woods so this one will definitely suit our house :)

2. 3 Door Bookshelf w/ Glass

We have a lot of books at home! because my Mama really loves to read, read, read that's why she keeps on buy, buy, buying books! and that made our house look like a little libarary..hehe Though we have now a book shelf where some of our books are arranged, we still need to get another one, because of the rising numbers of books arriving at our house hehe.. and also other books that were given by my Grandma.
Chose this over the other designs because it's the simplest design that I saw and it has a glass cover which good to cover the books from dust, and it also has this 2 litlle cabinets (dont sure if that's called a cabinet) where we can store other stuffs like DVD tapes, VCD tapes, etc.

3. Budget Sofa Bed (Syntex Foam)

We are still in need to buy extra bed because we are a big Family and I am still sharing bed with my little sister, so this is what I think we can use or my little sister can use so that I can finally sleep comfortably without worrying that I may push her out of the bed unintentionally.hehe  And we can also use this as a Sofa also to minize space as we only have small spaces of rooms at our house.

So there! these are my great finds in Mandaue Foam. They really have good products at a very affordable prices. I enjoyed choosing and picking my great finds, so if you are looking for a good, afordable and branded furniture shop, I suggest you to try to look at their store coz at Mandaue Foam "Your home, your imagination" .

For more details you may check out there newest TV commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu-5Ozbagdk&feature=plcp or visit their website at http://mandauefoam.ph/

Thanks for reading!


Linggo, Hulyo 15, 2012

Beauty UK eyeshadow Palette + Model's Own Hyper Brite

This is going to be a Tagalog- English post because nauubusan nako ng english!! (nakaka-nosebleed teh!lol)so please bear with me..haha but for those who dont understand Tagalog, you can have this post translated in other language you want, kindly see my translate gadget on this side --->

This is a long overdue post that should have been done last month but I wasn't able to write this up as I was busy with work so here it is!
But before I proceed with the review I would like to share my experience with the seller of these products..It was my first time purchasing something from them, and that was just a part of me being such an impulsive buyer coz I saw that they were having a SALE and so I ended up browsing and choosing which product I should get. Well, I must say that I am very happy with my their services. It was smooth, fast and hassle free, and lastly, the shipping fee that they ask from me was cheaper than the usual amount that I am paying for the shipping of my orders. I ordered these by friday and paid for it on sunday, the next day I was really glad it came in our door step :)) I will definitely purchase again from this online store named MAKEUP STASH <3

Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette in Earth Child
I've been eyeing to buy this product since the first time that I saw it in one of my favorite online shop but like what I have said, I am not really into eye make up so I prefer to buy a lipstick instead of an eyeshadow palette..but here it is!
Beaty UK eyeshadow Palette in Eart Child

Earth Child (aka #4 Beauty UK eyeshadow palette) contains 10 very useful shades. It's a perfect palette to take it with you on a vacation. The range of colors will allow you to create a natural as well as a smoky evening look.


(Credit to the owner of these pictures!)
I had to searched for a decent photo of swatches as I can't rely on my phone's camera arrgghh!! :(

I chose this Palette over the other shades because it has naturals colors which will be useful for starters like me na hindi talaga mahilig sa eye make up :)

I got it on Sale! yey :)
Original Price (Depende sa Seller) Php 370.00 (Approx $8.8)

My Verdict?
I love it!!! though once ko pa lang sya nagamit! haha but it's a great buy especially for those like me na nag-start pa lang mag-collect ng make up and for those who were looking for affordable but with great quality and branded :)

Models Own Hyper Brite in Hawaian Pink

" Keeping with the namesake, this is straight off the runway! Available in four fabulous Hyper-Brite shades and a vanilla-berry scent, these lipsticks will create the perfect colourful pout. " 

have read good reviews about this product and heard that this is one of the best sellers in one of my favorite online shop and so I decided to give this a try since I'm really a LIPSTICK LOVER and looking to different shades I thought this one is in a different shade of pink.

  •  Among all the lipstick that I own, this one has the most sturdiest packaging of them all, though it doesn't look that classy or expensive due to it's plastick packaging :p

  • I dont find this a matte lipstick coz you will notice that it's a bit sheer when applied, but it's an advantage coz it doesn't dry my lips .

  • I love how bright the color payoff is! (it's really a hyper brite lipstick) but not too bright. This is one of the bright coloured lipstick that I find wearable for everyday look.
  • Very lightweight when worn and pigmented.

  • Long lasting! It stays on me for a whole day.. (I mean the stain will stay there and made me look like I have a natural pinkish lips.lovet :> ) 
  • It has a Vanilla- Berry scent according to Models own but for me it's more of a berry scent and I love how yummy it smells.. 
  • It can also be drying on lips but all you have to do is to put a lip balm before applying this lippie.
  • The plastick packaging.. But it's not that worst and I find it cute.. :))
  • Not available locally. Through online sellers only.
  • A bit expensive for starters like me but the good things is I got it on sale!! yeyeyey :D Retail Price (based on Regular price) Php 420.00 (Approx $10)
And there! that's my super mini haul from Makeup Stash online shop. I think they are also offering other brands of cosmetics like Benefit, Tarte, Eco tools, Sigma and many mooore!!so check out their online shop now.
P.S so sorry for being out of this blogging world this past few weeks/ or this past month.. I still awe this blog a lot of reviews from my recent purchases, and I will try my best to write those within this week! hehe

Watchu tink of these brands? have you tried one? Pls share your thoughts with me thru comment below!!

Super Thank you for reading!! :>

xoMarseille :)

Martes, Hunyo 12, 2012

The Snow White and the Hunts Man movie screening :)

It's a super late post again!! sorry :(

Last May 28, 4 days after my birthday Nuffnang together with Skin White had this blogging contest exclusively for nuffnangers :> and of course! I never let the chance pass coz there will be 100 winners, so I had more chances of winning.. and the mechanics were very easy! all you have to do is to make a blog post about Skin White! (read my post here) and register your entry, the first 100 to register their entries will get 2 tickets to the Snow White and the Hunts Man movie screening on June 2, 2012 at the Shang Cineplex.. 2 days after, they announced the winners. I was really excited hoping to be one of the winners as I really want to watch that movie, coz I saw the trailer when we watched The Avengers and I want to see my crush!! ^.^ (Chris Hemsworth) then when I received an email from a representative of Nuffnang, I almost jump to excitement! haha that was O.A right?? yes I know but that's the first time ever in my life that I won something from a contest online, that's the reason why! And since I got two tickets, I decided to go with my Mama coz I dont have any gifts for her last Mother's Day so that served as my late gift..

And here are the photos on that exciting day..

This is how I looked like that morning (at the office).. just worn blush on and Lipstick but my face really look oily eh?! :< I hate it..
We were out of the office at 6:30 and headed straight to Shangri-La Plaza. The registration started at 8:00 so we still had the time to take our snack/early dinner meal. After eating we went to the cineplex and voila! the registration had just started and the other winners were already there to pick up their tickets.. I know that mostly of the people there were bloggers but I didn't recognized any of the bloggers I know or those that I follow..

Finally after a few minutes I got my prize!

winning two tickets to this much awaiting movie was already a great post birthday gift to me, but Nuffnang and Skin White were very generous, they also gave us a loot bag of Skin White products :))
Mama was really excited when we knew that they are giving 2 bags for each winner because she is actually using the products included in the loot bag..
We still had time for picture taking!
meet my sexy Mama :))

Mama with spidey :)

that's me! (laziness) :p
our snacks! we love food <3
so there! that's my first Nuffnang experience :) I had a great friday night with my Mom. For those of you who haven't heard about Nuffnang, click my ads here --> and there ^ for more details.
Again thank you so much Skin White and  Nuffnang! till your next blogging contest.

Have you also join a contest like this? share your thoughts with me!

Thank you for reading! 


Huwebes, Hunyo 7, 2012

Another Giveaway fom Product Arena :)

Here's another giveaway from Ms. Celine of Product Arena. I envy her coz she has generous sponsors who are giving out huge and expensive prizes like this! And that's because she's great in what she's doing.. (I wish I could be like her someday! ^.^ ) By the way, here are some of the details of the said giveaway contest..

Ms. Leah of The Makeup Corner1 was so generous to give ONE (1) lucky reader a FREE SEAT worth Php 2500 to her June 23 Personal Makeup Workshop. Yes, it's definitely FREE!
This includes the following: Handout, certificate of participation and free usage of makeup (though you are encouraged to bring your own so you can practice).


1. The workshop is on June 23, Saturday (1pm-6pm).

Any change or seat transfer to other person should be with Ms. Leah's approval.

2. It will be held at Red Talent Studio 7E Tuscan Bldg VA Rufino St. Legaspi Village Makati.

I'm more than willing to text the winner the direction as he/she goes to the workshop but please only join if you know you can attend.

Of course I will not let the winner go to a workshop without a makeup loot courtesy of Makeupholics!

The loot includes:

(1) Milani Pressed Powder in 10 - Natural Beige

(2) Milani Eyeshadow Quad in 04 Earthly Delights

(3) Milani Lip Liner in Most Natural

(4) Milani Glossy Tubes in Cherry Pop Shine

(5) Milani Lip Gloss in 18A Baby Doll

The winner will be announced on June 20
The prizes are very exciting right?! yeah! when I saw this post I didn't had a second thought, I joined right away!
Dont you want to have these awesome goodies and a free seat for a make up workshop??it'll be fun to win these! Join now! for more details about this giveaway
-->  here
Thanks fro reading!

Miyerkules, Hunyo 6, 2012

My Birthday specials :)

Yes it's been two weeks since my birthday but I really want to share the stuffs that I got UNEXPECTEDLY! on that special day ;) I didn't expected anything to get on that day that's why I was really surprised when I received these thing..

yummeh! this cute and super sweet cake was given to me by my office-mate and friend Annie. I remember that the night before my birthday, while we were waiting for a jeepney to ride, I saw a billboard of Red Ribbon along C5, I told my mom and Annie "that cake looks delicious", then the following day which is my birthday, when Annie arrived at the office she handed me this box and my reaction was.. "OMG!!" isn't she super sweet! and I loved her more for that..
and this was courtesy of my Mama :) we ordered this at Pancit Malabon.
Honestly, I dont have any plans in having a celebration on that day as I was saving up for the birthday of my Papa, that's why I am really touched coz they efforted to give me this little and super sweet celebration with them :)) 
Gifts?? yes I have!
credit to the owner of this picture..I don't had the chance to take a picture of mine so I got one in Google :)

This one was given to me by my ever gorgeous boss.. she is super thoughtful and generous to me, and yes she knows that I'm addicted with make up and maybe that's why she gave this to me..hehe but aside form this she also gave me a Jacket/Blazer in color gray but I forgot to take a picture of that :(

last but not the least! my sweet boyfriend bought me a pair of shoes :)) I rarely used this because my feet looks darker with the color of this shoes :( but I absolutely love this pair..it's my first time to receive shoes as a gift..thanks baby :)) <3

So there! I'm still waiting for the other gifts to arrive..haha just kidding ^.^

A week after my birthday was the birthday of my ever sweet and loving Papa, when me and Mama got home from work we bought Pasalubong!
Papa was really excited when he saw boxes of Pizza :) and this served as his birthday cake on that day..tada!

So there! what is your birthday experience? Feel free to share it with me through comments below ^.^

Thanks for reading! and again thank you for those who greeted me on my big day :))