Miyerkules, Hulyo 25, 2012

"Coming Home to Mandaue Foam"

Mandaue Foam - is a furniture store here in the Philippines which aims to provide very affordable and high quality foams and furniture products to the Filipino people.

Honestly, we have never been purchase from them but seeing how good and affordable their products are, I will definitely ask my Mama to see if we can afford some, since we are having our house renovated.

So here are some of their products which (I think) will suit our simple yet happy lifestyle and of course we can afford to buy.

1. 8+1 Daucus Classical Dining Set with Scroll Back Designs

Chose this over the other dining sets because we are a family of seven and this is a 8 seater dining set, which will give us another extra seat if ever we have a guest, and I prefer wood furnitures because mostly of our existing furnitures at home are all woods so this one will definitely suit our house :)

2. 3 Door Bookshelf w/ Glass

We have a lot of books at home! because my Mama really loves to read, read, read that's why she keeps on buy, buy, buying books! and that made our house look like a little libarary..hehe Though we have now a book shelf where some of our books are arranged, we still need to get another one, because of the rising numbers of books arriving at our house hehe.. and also other books that were given by my Grandma.
Chose this over the other designs because it's the simplest design that I saw and it has a glass cover which good to cover the books from dust, and it also has this 2 litlle cabinets (dont sure if that's called a cabinet) where we can store other stuffs like DVD tapes, VCD tapes, etc.

3. Budget Sofa Bed (Syntex Foam)

We are still in need to buy extra bed because we are a big Family and I am still sharing bed with my little sister, so this is what I think we can use or my little sister can use so that I can finally sleep comfortably without worrying that I may push her out of the bed unintentionally.hehe  And we can also use this as a Sofa also to minize space as we only have small spaces of rooms at our house.

So there! these are my great finds in Mandaue Foam. They really have good products at a very affordable prices. I enjoyed choosing and picking my great finds, so if you are looking for a good, afordable and branded furniture shop, I suggest you to try to look at their store coz at Mandaue Foam "Your home, your imagination" .

For more details you may check out there newest TV commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu-5Ozbagdk&feature=plcp or visit their website at http://mandauefoam.ph/

Thanks for reading!


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