Martes, Hunyo 12, 2012

The Snow White and the Hunts Man movie screening :)

It's a super late post again!! sorry :(

Last May 28, 4 days after my birthday Nuffnang together with Skin White had this blogging contest exclusively for nuffnangers :> and of course! I never let the chance pass coz there will be 100 winners, so I had more chances of winning.. and the mechanics were very easy! all you have to do is to make a blog post about Skin White! (read my post here) and register your entry, the first 100 to register their entries will get 2 tickets to the Snow White and the Hunts Man movie screening on June 2, 2012 at the Shang Cineplex.. 2 days after, they announced the winners. I was really excited hoping to be one of the winners as I really want to watch that movie, coz I saw the trailer when we watched The Avengers and I want to see my crush!! ^.^ (Chris Hemsworth) then when I received an email from a representative of Nuffnang, I almost jump to excitement! haha that was O.A right?? yes I know but that's the first time ever in my life that I won something from a contest online, that's the reason why! And since I got two tickets, I decided to go with my Mama coz I dont have any gifts for her last Mother's Day so that served as my late gift..

And here are the photos on that exciting day..

This is how I looked like that morning (at the office).. just worn blush on and Lipstick but my face really look oily eh?! :< I hate it..
We were out of the office at 6:30 and headed straight to Shangri-La Plaza. The registration started at 8:00 so we still had the time to take our snack/early dinner meal. After eating we went to the cineplex and voila! the registration had just started and the other winners were already there to pick up their tickets.. I know that mostly of the people there were bloggers but I didn't recognized any of the bloggers I know or those that I follow..

Finally after a few minutes I got my prize!

winning two tickets to this much awaiting movie was already a great post birthday gift to me, but Nuffnang and Skin White were very generous, they also gave us a loot bag of Skin White products :))
Mama was really excited when we knew that they are giving 2 bags for each winner because she is actually using the products included in the loot bag..
We still had time for picture taking!
meet my sexy Mama :))

Mama with spidey :)

that's me! (laziness) :p
our snacks! we love food <3
so there! that's my first Nuffnang experience :) I had a great friday night with my Mom. For those of you who haven't heard about Nuffnang, click my ads here --> and there ^ for more details.
Again thank you so much Skin White and  Nuffnang! till your next blogging contest.

Have you also join a contest like this? share your thoughts with me!

Thank you for reading! 


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  1. yey nice nuffnang experience! belated happy bday :D -Loving Sunshine

  2. Congrats! My Friend was able to watch that movie too! I'm planning to watch this weekend.

    BTW, please feel free to join my first international giveaway and have the chance to win 2 firmoo eyewear of your choice! :D